вторник, 18 августа 2015 г.

Роль учителя

I’ve wanted to be a teacher ever since I was in the second grade. My elementary teachers always seemed to make you smile and always had opening arms, ready to listen to every word you had to say.

I am a teacher because I love working with children! Everyday is different because each day the students have something new and exciting to share with you. I love watching them take control over a subject and make comments on their own to one another.

The students bring so much to the room with their individual cultural backgrounds and experiences. Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs but it has its challenging moments. All teachers should be proud of the work they do and realize that they are making a difference!

I became a teacher because that is what I was born to do. Teaching is my passion. Education opens up opportunities for children and builds the future generation.

Вeing a teacher I would develop youths to have better lives. Imparting essential concepts about life is a great role I would play in this world. Being a teacher, I would be able to lift some youths from their own world to the real world of mankind which is also a challenge for being a teacher.

I became a teacher because I love learning. I try to spread that passion to my students like a contagious disease.
Education opens up opportunities for children and builds the future generation.

I wanted to do something that would have a lasting impact on the planet. It's a cliché, but nonetheless true: children are the future. Part of my reasoning was selfish: I don't want poorly educated people to be taking care of me and running the world when I'm old and no longer able to take care of myself.

Besides, it's a really great way to keep the world in perspective. Kids have very unique ways of looking at the world. It is nice to be reminded what it's like to see the world through fresh, unjaded eyes.

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